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How to Register

Three Easy Ways to Register at the Canada Music Academy

Online Registration:

  1. Visit Canada Music Academy's website and start your search
  2. Choose your preferred teacher.
  3. Sign up online and receive a confirmation email promptly.

Phone Registration:

Contact Us at the Canada Music Academy using the following phone numbers:

416.207.0884 or 905.918.0791

Register for lessons over the phone with the assistance of one of our music advisors.

Contact Us:

Need some help selecting the perfect Academy Teacher?
Reach out to us by email directly here: Contact Us
Inquire about the registration process and receive guidance in signing up for music lessons.

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Start Any Time

You may start lessons at any time in the year. We will integrate you into our current session. Simply choose the month you would like to begin your lessons when you sign up.
To find an Academy teacher near you:

Register Online Here
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Secure Online Registration

Your credit card and other confidential information is protected by true digital certificate security, the same standard of security used by banks to ensure a trusted identity on the internet. You can conduct secure Internet transactions while registering online at the Canada Music Academy with confidence.

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Privacy Policy

The Canada Music Academy takes the security and proper use of your personal information very seriously. We use SSL secure certificates to make registration safe, easy and fast, and to protect your information. We also do not share, sell or rent any of your information in any way and respect your privacy completely.

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Lessons are available at our school locations, Certified Teacher studios, In-Home and Online. Pricing varies according to your teacher and selection. Please feel free to browse through our team of talented music teachers to see pricing per teacher and area here:

Teachers & Rates

Scheduling: Frequently Asked Questions
How often are the lessons?
Instruction is given as a private lesson once a week starting in your selected start month.
How  can I register if I don’t know the teacher’s availability?
Teachers are generally very flexible, which allows them to give you a time and day that works for you. It is extremely rare that there be a schedule conflict.
What happens if I contact my teacher and our schedules don’t coincide for a lesson time?
Should there be a problem with the schedule we may recommend another teacher or refund you for lessons that you have paid and not taken. Your choice.
How do I know when my start date is?
Once your registration is confirmed,  we put you in touch with the teacher to start your first lesson in the month you have chosen to  begin.

Can I cancel my registration?
Yes. We offer a full refund should you wish to cancel for any reason before your first lesson.

We know that changes in life and work can affect your plans sometimes. If you wish to cancel a registration before its end date, simply submit your request by email to the ACADEMY OFFICE with a 2 lesson notice so that we can assign your slot to another student. You can of course still go to the last 2 lessons for which you are giving your notice. Our policy is to never charge you a penalty should you have to stop your lessons.

Your first two lessons are trial lessons
We integrate two trial lessons into our registration packages. This ensures a perfect teacher-student match. If you choose to discontinue your lessons for any reason before your third lesson, we will fully refund your remaining paid lessons. You can also choose to be transferred to another Academy teacher of your choice.
Need to reschedule a lesson?
Please give your teacher 48 hours notice to reschedule your lesson. You can reschedule up to 1 lesson for a 16 lesson registration, and up to 2 lessons for 32 lesson registration. The 8 lesson registration has no rescheduling option. We offer up to 15 extra days at the end of your registration to complete your lessons. This allows continuity for your learning, and continuity for your teacher.

GROUP lessons: Please note that individuals who cannot come to a lesson in a GROUP setting, will not be reimbursed for their absence and cannot carry forward a credit.

  • Student Rates
    Payment Methods

    Visa & MasterCard - Immediate Confirmation.

    E-Transfer - Contact us and we will simply set up your registration and send you instructions to send your e-transfer to get started easily.

  • Student Rates
    Payment Plan Options

    Monthly: You can pay for your lessons in monthly payments

    One Payment: Pay your session in one payment and save

  • Student Rates
    Registration Fees

    Registrations fees are $15 per student.

    Family rebate: Free registration fees for third or subsequent family members.

To find an Academy teacher near you:

About Us

The Canada Music Academy offers lessons at our school, as well as offering you a network of professional teachers hired by the Academy with flexibility to take lessons anywhere.

As a result we are proud to have earned a reputation as one of the leading music schools in Canada. Our performance and review standards have earned us loyal students in the thousands since 1995 across Canada.

Certified Academy Teachers are professional musicians holding Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees in music or their equivalents. In addition to meeting our high professional standards, Certified Academy Teachers must also undergo a full, selective interview process.

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